About Pyrovore

A private chef isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime luxury – it’s all the best parts of eating out with none of the stress.

Great food – A private chef has usually has years of professional experience that they bring to you, along with some creative dishes that couldn’t be served in a restaurant to make your experience a remarkable one.

Your schedule is your own – Don’t stress about traffic, finding a parking spot, waiting for a table, or wondering “Did they forget our drinks?” Dinner can be ready when your want, without feeling rushed or impatient.

Picking the menu – A private chef will listen to you and create a customized menu that has everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Because you’re not limited to a set menu, you don’t have to get everyone to agree on a location, or worry about a reservation for a large group, or accommodation guests with specific diets or preferences.

Dinner is served – You’re in charge. If you’re enjoying the wine and company, there’s no need to be rushed – there won’t be someone looking to hand you the check to seat someone else. Your chef has no other guests to divert their attention.

You save money – It’s surprising, but once you factor in gas, parking, drinks, tolls, upcharges, babysitting, and the actual food, a private chef can be easier on your budget.

What mess? – No dishes to do, no trash to take out – your kitchen will be spotless before you even get up from the table. A private chef will strive to leave your kitchen cleaner than when they arrived.

sean’s story

I grew up moving all over the world, nurturing an appreciation and interest in cuisine as a child. After living in Korea, Italy, and the American south, I moved to California to attend school at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, where I developed my love of food, hospitality, and creativity even further.

My favorite style of cuisine- especially when cooking for family and friends is Modern American cuisine using organic farm to table ingredients. My clients request a wide variety so I pull from my training at the top culinary school in the US to create everything from gourmet grilled cheese to elaborate multi-course dinners.

In California, I was the founding chef at a 100% paleo food startup. My challenge was to create a new, interesting and unique item every single day. Culinary, modifying everyday favorites to meet specific dietary needs is a creative, scientific, and logistical challenge. Our food created a cult-following among the nation’s most forward-thinking food lovers in San Francisco.

My wife and I love organic gardening and have begun working with local gardens and farmers to learn better methods for our personal garden that is featured in many of my dishes. I warmly welcome you to Illinois and look forward to serving you with the best of what this beautiful land has to offer.


Restaurant-quality food delivered right to your home in Chicago.