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Whether hosting a private dinner at home to enjoy your time with your guests, or a unique, personalized menus for your group that ranges from summer BBQ parties to multi-course tasting events, we have the menu. 



Crispy Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Steamed Garden Vegetables
Jerk Chicken with Red Beans and Rice
Crispy Chicken with New Potatoes and Spring Baby Greens
Roast Pork with Sweet Potato Hash and Kale Salad
Pork Chops with Quinoa and Sauteed Squash
Pork Tenderloin with Charred Vegetables and Bean salad
Braised Beef with Spring Vegetables and Underground Mash
Peppered Beef with Rice noodles and Charred Onions
Roast Beef with Root Vegetables and Spinach Salad

Vegetarian Menu
Brown Rice and Avocado Buddha Bowl
Spicy Butternut Squash and Caribbean Rice
Grilled Vegetable Skewers and Chickpea Salad

private dining


GRILLED RADISH Cultured Butter/Volcanic Salt/Sourdough
SOFT SHELL CRAB Underwater Salad
SHRIMP TEMPURA Rock Prawns/Fennel/Ramp Aoli
SPRING LAMB Lamb Lollipops/Chimichurri Rojo/Saw-Tooth Mint
GRILLED ASPARAGUS Green Goddess/Crispy Egg/Prosciutto
PEA SALAD Burrata/Meyer Lemon/Arugula
SPRING BUTTER LETTUCE Strawberries/Sunflower/Honey
CARROT SOUP Garden Pesto/Garlic Crouton
DUCK EGG CARBONARA Pork Belly/Peas/Green Garlic
MUSHROOM RISOTTO Wild Mushrooms/Truffle/Parmesan
GARDEN RAVIOLI Ricotta/Heirloom Carrots/Morels
HONEY SALMON New Potatoes/Sea Beans/Caramel
FRUTTI DE MARE Mussels/Calamari/Saltwater Brodo
CARNE ASADA Chipotle/Cucumber/Hibiscus
PORK TENDERLOIN Onion Soubis/Edemame/Plug Carrots
CRISPY CHICKEN Heirloom Chicken/Salsa Verde/Bordelaise
LAMB SHANK Tabbouleh/Spiced Yoghurt
CHICKEN VESUVIO Fingerling Potatoes/Garlic Confit/English Peas
BOUEF AU RIESLING Parsley Root/Asparagus/Charred Onion

KEY LIME CANNOLI White Chocolate/Candied Limes/Pistachio
CARROT CAKE Italian Buttercream/Candied Flowers
BERRIES AND CREAM Strawberries/Clotted Cream/Rose hips/Shortbread
TOBLERONE MOUSSE Milk Chocolate/Almonds/Honey


Restaurant-quality food for your home or event.