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From small dinners to large get togethers, to birthday and engagement parties, we work with you to make sure you and your guests experience the best food and hospitality in the Chicago area.

what this includes

• Full set-up (and breakdown) at your location of choice in the Chicago area

• Restaurant-quality dining for your private event, for as many people as you need 

• Customized meals for guest with special dietary needs/requirements 

Sommelier crafted wine pairings

winter starting courses

BORSCHT SALAD Marinated Beets/Cultured Cream/Dill

WINTER BUTTER LETTUCE Fennel/Blood Orange/Olive/Pistachio

WILD MUSHROOMS Warm Mushrooms/Kale/Parmesan/Calibrians

D’ANJOU SALAD Braised Pears/Maple/Meyer Lemon

SPICED TUNA Celery Root/Fennel/Pomegranate

ROAST CHICKEN SOUP Gnocchi, Baby Roots

Winter entrees/desserts

STEAK FRITES  NY Steak/Truffle Fries/Watercress

BRAISED SHORTRIBS Cauliflower/Red Wine/Black Trumpets

WHITE SEABASS Fingerling Potatoes/Cream/Winter Pesto

BLACK ROCKFISH Onion Soubise/Olives/Mint

ROAST CHICKEN  Carrot Puree/Brussles/Sunchokes/Caramel

DUCK CONFIT Polenta/Winter Greens

HERITAGE PORK CHOP Berry Jus/Brussles/Chestnuts/Dates

FOJADE Mushrooms/Fennel/Taleggio

BURNT TOMATO RAGU  Charred Chilis/Beef Shortribs/Basil Parpardelle

SQUID INK PASTA   Braised Octopus/Garlic Confit/Sea Beans/Iceplant

FRENCH TOAST  Brioche/Candied Citrus/Creme Anglaise

BROWN BUTTER BRULEE Candied Figs/Almond/Lavender


Restaurant-quality food at your private dining event.